Metamorphosis Claymation

Submitted by: Kendall Gamelin
Role in Education: Art Teacher
School: Hendersonville Middle School


Students will create a “stop action” or “frame by frame” animation of a metamorphosis that happens in nature. Students will research their chosen subject and how it changes during its life cycle, for example: the life cycle of a frog. After researching they will create a storyboard, emphasizing sequencing. Then create their subject out of clay and also a background. They will then use the steps of “frame by frame” animation and a computer program to create their final product, a short claymation

Education Level(s)



Arts & Music, Math & Science, Reading & Literacy, Technology & Innovation

Learning Objectives

Students will experience working in a group and research using media center resources. Students will learn about a specific metamorphosis in nature and create a storyboard from that information. Students will learn the purpose and method of story boards, focusing on sequencing and storytelling. Students will experience working with non-hardening clay to create the subject of their animation. They will experience working with a computer program to create an animation from their still photographs.


storyboard work sheets, non-hardening clay, wire (for armatures), cardboard, construction paper, fishing line, digital cameras, tripods, lamps, Microsoft Movie Maker, CDs

Other Information

Students will experience a project that crosses several curriculum: art, science and language arts. The technology in this project makes it relevant and developmentally appropriate for 8th grade students.

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