Musical Art

Submitted by: Marianne Griffith
Role in Education: K-7 ART
School: Butler Elementary School


Musical Art will be a fun art class. The students will learn how to make several different musical instruments from recycled materials. We will specialize in percussion instruments, including drums, bongos and maracas. We will also make guitars from rubber bands and a lightweight wood. Students will be encouraged to create their own instrument using unusual recycled instruments.

Education Level(s)



Arts & Music

Learning Objectives

Students will learn about how music was discovered by cavemen. Then they will experiment with different types of sounds created by recycled boxes, cans and jars.


We will use recycled matierials, such as boxes, cans, drums, garbage can lids, metal boxes and tubes, bottles, corrugated cardboard and anything else we can find.

Other Information

We would like to invite local creative musicians to our school to show us how they made their unique instruments.

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