A picture speaks a thousand words


They will learn how art can instill a mood, or help a person express their thoughts and feelings. They will become better writers, incorporating description and mood into thier pieces. They will also be able to visualize what life was like through different artists eyes when we learn about different cultures around the world.


I would like to incorporate pictures, both famous and amatuer shots into our writers workshop. We could focus on different aspects of writing; ie mood, setting, theme, description, etc. Students could also take their own photos and create collages to use as a focus piece for their writing. I would also like to use the art of people from the different cultures we study in Social Studies to help reinforce the ideas, culture, and politics of those regions.


I plan to get copies of different art pieces (murals, frescos, etc) on placards to show to my class via an overhead projector and document camera. I would llike them to use a flip camera and other digital cameras to take their own photos. I will need some construction paper and glue to allow students to create collages.

Other Information

The majority of our school\’s population lives below poverty level. Very few of my students will ever travel outside of the state, much less the immediate area. Getting this grant and using art in the classroom can help to open thier eyes to the world. It can allow them to experience some things that they may never have the chance to see on their own.

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