“Building” Knowledge & Awareness


Students will learn global awareness through seeing daily life and hearing about other cultures. They will learn how to use slab building to create home structures. they will enhance math skills through calculating the amount of supplies needed and through measuring. They will enhance writing through explaining reasoning on how they built their piece. They will connect art to real world experience in comparing art, architecture and global life. They will use science when considering habitats.


Students will take a fieldtrip to the Heifer Global Village. They will learn about 12 or more countries, their struggles, strengths and way of life. They will tour homes from each of these countries and receive a daily account of life for people in that country. They cook a meal from a limited set of resources as the people of that country. Students will return, do research on their own and complete a slab-built clay structure that they think would be the perfect dwelling for a given habitat.


Field trip will be fundraised. Students will use the grant money for clay, clay tools, texture slab mats and glaze. Students will use the library to do research about the different countries before we see life at the Global Village. Students will be shown art from each of the countries from pictures the teacher prints from the internet.

Other Information

I work in a school district where a significant portion of our students are from low-socioeconomic backgrounds. We are over 85% free and reduced lunch. My students only get to use clay in art if we receive a grant because our alotted art budget does not allow us enough funding for the price of clay. My students are very dedicated and would be so excited to find out that we were doing an art project that involved clay and they were relating the project to the real world around us.

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