A Glass Act: Science & Art


1. Students will be able to list the states of matter and describe attributes of glass as it moves from one state to another. 2. Students will use the ‘Elements & Principles of Design’ to create artwork made of glass.


This project will teach connect Science and the concept of matter and TEKS of Elementary Fine Arts for grades 3 through 5. There will be engaging lab activities that focus of the states of matter; more specifically how the states of matter are associated with glass as a media for creating art. Teachers will implement Science lessons about the states of matter. Other topics like the principles of the chemistry of glass, the conservation of mass, history of glass, and glass fusion techniques.


1. Assorted types of scrap glass, sheet glass, frit, stringers, dichroic glass, etc. 2. Assorted types of tools: mosaic nippers, glass cutters, running pliers 3. Students will wear proper eye protection and closed toe shoes 4. Students will plan their design on paper before making it out of glass 5. Students will be able to explore the chemistry of glass and how glass is used in our everyday lives through an online resource from the Corning Museum of Glass

Other Information

We have done glass work in my classroom before and it has been one of the most engaging projects my campus has ever experienced. For us to continue glass work over the next 3 years, we would need additional financial support. Our campus is dual language and more than 40% of our students receive free or reduced lunch. I know my students do not have many artistic opportunities waiting for them at home, therefore I feel it is my responsibility to provide these creative opportunities at school.

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