“Gift To Share” Art/Nutrition


Building knowledge students will define, relate and list information from their personal experience. Students interpret images and make comparisons using Venn diagrams. Art students apply their learning with skills and expression involved directly with hands on activities. Surveys will be taken to analyze the service learning components of the project. We will discuss the information about nutrition and hunger in our community; students will sharefurther ways their families can help.


Meaningful Service Learning Students will design-sketch/plan graphics for both sides of 250 paper grocery bags. The bags will be utilized by The Hunger task Force to distribute foods from their food pantry. The project will help bring hunger and need to the attention of our entire student body. The project will give our art making purpose and intent for the good of giving. Multiple students from all grade levels will work on each bag until both sides of each bag have been decorated.


Materials: paints, paper grocery bags, brushes and clean-up supplies. Resources: graphic designs on packaging will be used as inspiration. Tools: images of native and multicultural baskets, pouches and bags.

Other Information

WI Academic Model Content Standards for Art: •Students will produce quality images, and objects that effectively communicate and express ideas using media, techniques, and processes. •Students will use their senses and emotions through art and design to develop their minds and to improve social relationships. •Students will design and produce quality original images and objects, such as paintings, sculptures, designed objects, photographs, graphic designs, videos, and computer images

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