Alphabet Art – memorable creations


In Kindergarten we study one letter of the alphabet a week. I try to complete at least one art project for each letter. Each art project needs make the letter easy for the students to remember the shape and sound of the letter,


Students will learn to use a variety of art materials to create fun and memorable creations. Students will use fine motor skills including cutting, drawing, tracing, visual perception and spacing, patterning and fastening just to name a few of the skills students will use.


Materials needed include but not limited to construction paper, art paper, fingerprint paper, stencils, die cuts, colored chalk, glitter, fasteners, feathers, wiggly eyes, pompoms, pipe cleaners (chenille stems), beads, foam pieces, yarn, cloth, clear and colored plastic wrap, paints, paint brushes, and clay.

Other Information

My students look forward to our art projects. I would like to make them more interesting and fun. We do very, very basic art. I am not artsy, but I am trying to use different media for students to explore with. Thank you.

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