Anne Frank House Model


Students will create a scaled model of the Anne Frank House. I will divide the students into teams: exterior, construction, Anne\’s room, Otto and Edith Frank\’s room, the warehouse, etc. Working together, the students will build and furnish the house. The sides of the house will be made of plexiglass to allow viewers to see the entire house. The teacher and class will read 2 – 3 entries from Anne\’s diary each morning. The class will also create an Anne Frank web site in computer lab.


The students will develop research skills (navigating a virtual tour of the AF house on-line, reading and then applying room descriptions, contacting the AF house via email), math and construction skills (measuring to exact specifications and transferring 2 dimensional drawings to a 3 dimensional structure), and communication skills to work together as a team. They will ultimately develop a deeper understanding of Anne Frank\’s experience.


We will use foam core, posterboard, rulers, squares, hot glue, box cutters, scissors, paint, straws, matchboxes, burlap, 1/2\” scale doll furniture, acid free papers, level, glue, computers with internet access,

Other Information

This is a true team project with real life significance. This class and future students (who will be able to use it as a reference) will benefit from this project. I believe that this will be one of those projects that the students will remember for the rest of their lives. I know I will.

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