Art Cafe and Fruit Stand


Create fruit and vegetables for a fruit stand. Design a produce section of the farmers market or grocery store and stack the shelves with the fruits and vegetables the students have made. (Some of the items could be put in paper baskets and the bigger items could be freestanding). Art focus would be Jacob Lawrence\’s \”Fruits and Vegetables. Students would draw themselves at the market place. Math focus: each day make a math problem using money and what you could buy.


They would learn about many different fruits and vegetables available in the primary and secondary colors. They would learn how to draw themselves in a public place and include others into their picture. The Math could be an ongoing lesson or question each day using different items and money amounts…like in real life.


Paper-various sizes including craft roll paper to make the fruit market Crayons, paint crayons, colored pencils Play money Plasic or artificial fruit and vegetables

Other Information

I am an Art Teacher and I am always trying ways to make connections between Art and the core curriculum so that the students see how much Art is in their lives everyday; from the clothes they wear, the games they play, architecture around them, etc. ART IS EVERWHERE!

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