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Which one? I try to integrate art with NC Core Curriculum in most art lessons. Here are a few of our favorite: Kinders fairy tales – Rapunze, weather – penguin sculptures 1st animals – owl sculpture, recycling – making paper 2nd – acceptance – mouth and feet paintings, Mexican pinata 3rd communities – Chinese New Year, sun – clay sunstones 4th NC geography – lighthouses, colonial NC – rag dolls 5 th Native Americans – clay coil pots, Mexico – God\’s Eye


Students learn acceptance of difference in various cultures, times, places and abilities. They experience retelling of a fairy tales. They discuss what they have learned about animals or weatherand the importance of recycling. Students learn that there are multiple ways to express themselves and that their art can look totally differnet from someone else and be correct. This teaches students acceptance of others, which is the most important lesson.


9 X 12 heavy weight construction paper 300 sheets each: holiday red, bright pink, light pink, orange, yellow, light green, holiday green, forest green, light blue, blue, light violet, violet, black; 36 pointed round synthetics paint burshes size 8, 36 round synthetics paint brushes size 16, Scissors Fiskars for Kids 5 inch blunt 12 pairs

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My students are so eager to learn and explore. They clap or wooo and ahhh when I show them a new lesson! They continue to amaze me with their talent. Of our over 960 students, 62% are on free or reduced lunch. Most students exposure to art and other culltures is limited to experiences at school. Our funds are so liimited that we are currently drawing on old computer paper that comes in a roll with the holes on the sides and green stripes on the back. My students and I appreciate your help!

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