Art Fair mixed with literacy


I teach Art grades K-5. Each class has a different artist and we do a piece of work in his/her style. When I introduce the artist to the class I show power points, tapes, and or posters of the artists work. I asked them what they see in the picture and we spend sometime discussing the art. I then explain to my students they will be researching the artist and writing a bio on the artist. I mix research, history and literacy with the art. The excitement the students have is incredible.


Students will learn to research the artist, use their skills to write their report. They will also gain knowledge in the time period of the artist. As Dewey said, \”children learn by experience\”.


All types of art supplies will be used. Posters and computers will also be used. I will be using tons of masking tape to hang their reports and artwork on the halls.

Other Information

This is a school wide project and every class has a different artist so the entire school benefits from the work. I have a show at night for the families to come and the parents tell me they learn so much from their children.

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