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One of my favorite ways to incorporate core curriculum into my art curriculum is to follow the third grade study of continents and cultures. Third graders begin the year studying the Earths continents, then begin learning about various countires such as Mexico, China and Australia. In art I will follow their travels by exploring each culture such as Mexico\’s Day of the Dead, Chinese New Year and Australian Aboriginal Dot paintings.


My students broaden their knowledge of the world\’s cultures by participating in hands-on activites. They learn tolerance of the the many celebrations, customs and rituals of various cultures.


I would use large color reproductions to engage my students in addition to showing images of each culture on my laptop and proxima. The hands-on art activites would include drawing, painting and ceramics.

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As an art educator I find it invaluable to follow the core curriculum and use that as a springboard for art projects. Doing so enhances my students interest while broadening their knowledge and helps to create a holistic approach to learning. I\’ll never forget one student as he connected a Native American Weaving project in art to his classroom\’s study of Native Americans, \”Wow, how come everything\’s coming up Native American?\”. It\’s these connections that make learning- and teaching- fun!

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