Art Inspired by Science


Using science TEKS that the students are using in their classroom I will extend the subjects further that the students are doing in their class by using science and nature as our inspiration in the art classroom. Art and Science have so many natural connections and I love being able to explore the two subjects together.


Students will use life experience and build connects between their different areas of study. Depending on what time of year we begin this project I will also tie in weather and how the changes in weather affect our daily routine as well as why the changes happen. There is so much great inspiration in nature!


I will use our community garden as inspiration and the students will draw from real plants and trees and discuss how they change through the year. I will also be using pencils, paper, watercolor to express our ideas onto paper. And while they are drawing I can use images to help remind us of our inspiration.

Other Information

We are a title one school, with little resources for the kids. I would love the opportunity to able to extend a core curriculum into the art room.

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