Art Talk


Art Talk combines Language Arts, Reading, Drama, and Visual Arts in a very creative way. Students begin by choosing a character from the story. Students explore the character’s internal and external traits and then attempt to take on the characteristics of their character. While “in character” the students choose a painting to write a monologue about from their character’s perspective. This helps the students understand the thinking and motivation of a character. Conclude with perfomance.


Language Arts: Reading comprehension, character analysis, writing for a specific purpose, the writing process. Art: Identifying, viewing and discussing artists, and formulating responses. Drama: Script writing and acting This assignment allows students to creatively express their understanding of character traits and their comprehension of a story in a new way. The students are no longer discussing if they like the piece but making arguments about the piece based upon their character.


This project is very simple to recreate. Teachers really only need pencil, paper, class books, and access to the internet. When I perform this lesson I like to choose a few pieces of art to project on the wall, but you could allow the students to reseach at a computer and choose their own piece as well.

Other Information

Sample monologue about Kandinsky\’s painting by a Second Grade student. “Like oh-my-gosh like this is the best picture ever. Like there is a square and a circle and also a…a… triangle and last but not least rectangles. Best picture ever. It looks like it is blond. Awesome! This picture has lots of details. This is my type of thing. I’m so impressed by this picture. I also see computers. Like I think this is the best picture ever. I like see stars and hearts. Like I

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