Butterflies in Motion

Description –

Monarch butterflies migrate over our town on their way to Mexico. We learn all about the monarch, its habits, needs, and ways we can help the monarch. Each child creates their own butterfly-the wings are made from two pieces and look like they are flying when finished. Sparkling, gold pipe cleaners are used for the antennaes. The children research and write reports about the monarach and its migration. We watch and record how many we see during recess and at home.

Objective –

The students will gain an appreciate of the monarch butterfly. They will learn about migration, habitats, the effects of pesticides, conservation, and ways they can help preserve an endangered species. They also learn to appreciate the delicacy of nature and how man can create hazards. They discover they can take actions to help create solutions to an ecological problem.

Materials –

We use the internet to research by using different websites set up to help preserve the monarch. They use graph paper, paper, scissors, art media of their choice. We read books about the Monarch and watch videos.

Other Information –

This project is one that the children enjoy. It teaches them to take time to watch nature and it makes them aware that even a delicate insect like a monarch needs their help to survive.

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