Calaveras and Skeletons


We are integrating Dia de los Muertos Mexican holiday with the the skeletal system as the skeleton we create with newspapers and tape will be used to create life size skeletons and we will paint them with acrylic paints afterwards. Then we will label the various bones with paint markers and Sharpies. we will also discuss the famous Mexican political cartoonist, Jose Posada, who poked fun at the dishonest poilticians in the late 1800\’s and early 1900\’s using the calaveras as his subjects.


The students will the various functions of the skeletal system and its importance to our whole being. The Day of the Dead activity will be a cultural related activity connecting our students to the awesome celebrations that take place in Oaxaca, Mexico and the USA as well recognizing that celebrating and honoring our deceased loved ones is not a bad thing but something that brings a positive atmosphere to death. We will also be teaching and emphasizing recycling by using old newspaper.


We will be using old newspaper, masking tape, acrylic paint, bristle paint brushes, paint markers and Sharpie markers.

Other Information

We will be using Youtube to observe and learn how the Oaxacans celebrate and decorate their altars and their paper skeletons. We also will create a center with posters and an altar to bring Oaxaca into our classrooms and hallways. On November 1 and 2 when Dia de los Muertos is celebrated, various teachers will paint our faces and arms with skeletal features and we will label them with the proper medical terms. We will make altars and display them throughout our hallways.

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