Color Field Reflections


To help add math within our art projects, I would like to create a lesson plan that incoporates the art style Color Field and geometry. First I would create a power point on what color field painting is about. Students would use circle viewfinders to find a color field composition in magizines. Students would be asked to use a protractors to measure degrees of rotations for a repetitive circle color field composition. We would learn geometric terms slides, transitions and mirror reflections.


Students would learn how to create a unified compositon with color theory as an important task. Students would be able to match colors to the magazine colors and learn how to layer the colored pencils. They also would learn how to produce complementary color scemes for some of the circles. The students would learn the geometric terms of finding the center of a circle for a center line, slides, transitions, using a protractor for locating certain degrees, and mirror reflection.


I would need to use a laptop to create a power point on color field paintings and create a smartboard presentation on the step to using the ruler and protractor to create the composition. We would use cold press illustration board and prisma colored pencils to create the artwork once the circle composition is set up. Circle viewfinders, scissors, color wheel, protractors, rulers are other supplies needed.

Other Information

This would be a great lesson plan to introduce students to color theory mixing before painting. From the math perspective, it would be great for students to see a colorful visual to see the degree of rotations, mirror reflections, transitions and slides. This artwork could be kept until students in math are ready to work on the geometric standards and could be a tool in the math classroom.

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