Community outreach project


I will select students who are having behavioral difficulties and are not showing proper respect to adults or other students. This project will seek to help them discover self respect, as well as respect for others. Students study the history of quilts (with emphasis on their use for communiction during the underground railroad). They will work with senior citizens to weave squares that we will connect together to make a quilt for the senior center, which we will be working with.


They will learn about the underground railroad. They will learn how to weave and create simple woven projects. They will get to work with senior citizens, in an attempt to make them see the value in being respected and they will develop respect for others. The students will develop a sense of pride as they teach senior citizens how to do the weavings, then present the seniors with the gift of the quilt.


Cotton weaving hoops, weaving looms, yarn, cotton string.

Other Information

My school is the single most deserving school that will apply for this grant. We represent a very diverse population of students who are in need and deserve this type of opportunity.

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