Cool, Clear Water Cycle


Students will learn the water cycle through a myriad of hands on experiments, music and their own illustrations. From the experiments, students learn about viscosity, and properties of water. Using a CD of a thunderstorm, students use their imaginations and glue sticks, flowers and other tactile items to a paper and then draw rain to show how these items respond. A lesson on clouds would allow freedom to use different materials to create accurate pictures. There are many other aspects too


Students will learn the scientific process and both learn and properly use scientific terminology. The children will be able to accurately describe and illustrate the water cycle. Math will be highlighted as well as art and science. Measurements and what the values mean will add to the comprehension. Students will appreciate the music from the thunderstorm and find art in the natural setting. Imaginations will continue to drive the hypotheses and continue to add more opportunities to learn.


We will use different types of water, markers, paper, CDs of thunderstorms and gentle rainfall for comparisons. Ocean waves will also be explored in music. Art supplies like glue, sticks, cotton balls, flowers both real and artificial would be needed. Coffee filters and carnations, eye droppers, food coloring and paper plates, ice, paper towels and toilet paper would also be required. Large plastic bowls, and a hot plate would also be needed. Finally, a video on rain and it\’s stronger side.

Other Information

I love to teach and my third graders love Science, music, art and mathematics due to my whacky but engaging teaching styles. I have been selected a golden apple teacher and have been blessed to teach third graders overseas. With the budget cuts, I would be a good steward of the resources you entrust me with to creatively teach my class.

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