My seventh grade students are reading the core novel, \”Animal Farm\”, as well as other pieces of literature related to the theme of conflict. The students will create unique topographical maps of their countries using non-paper materials. They will research various national anthems and utilize this knowledge to create their own national anthem, which will be performed before their classmates. The students will also create a product that will be manufactured in their country.


Students will gain an appreciation of various cultures through the research of various national anthems. Students will foster creativity via creation of their topographical maps, as well as increasing their ability to work with others. In researching other countries\’ bodies of government, the students will have to create seven laws that will govern any and all people in their country. Students will identify selected political leaders and research what lead them to positions of prominence.


Materials utilized in this project include the following: computer, Promethean board, video camera, CD player. Creation of map- paint, clay, styrofoam, candy, jello, pasta, plaster.

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