Creating Great Ads

Description –

As we study feminism, we analyze advertising and how ads create the image of woman/man of specific eras. How does the ad define woman and/or man? During this study, the studens determine their own definition of man/woman and need to create their own ads selling and defining woman/man. They take pictures, draw ads, and make commericals for the selected products. The ultimate goal is not to defer from their own definition of woman/man to sell their product.

Objective –

They will see how advertising agencies loosen their ideals of self to sell a product and they will learn how pictures and text can speak more than what actually appears on the page.

Materials –

We will need cameras, video cameras, basic art supplies and art graphic computer programs to construct our print ads and video commericals.

Other Information –

Critical evaluating and not taking everything at face value seems to be a skill this generation thinks they understand; but actually, they do not take the time to evaluate ideas to create their own ideas: they accept other people\’s ideas instead of their own. It is just easier.

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