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The goal of this project is for students to create their own children’s book incorporating writing techniques and literary devices learned throughout the year. Students will publish a hard cover book with their story, illustrations, title page, author page, dedication page, and author’s note. Students are able to choose the type of illustration (water color, pencil color, photos, 3D, digital images, pastels,pop up, etc.)


Students will believe in themselves as authors and share their accomplishment with parents, peers, and faculty. Students will learn and implement literary devices and writing techniques. Examples of writing techniques include leads, figurative language, exploded moments, magic 3, using dialogue, repetition for effect, cliff hanger. Examples of literary devices include theme, point of view/perspective, exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, & conflict.


acrylic paints, color pencils, watercolor, glue, pastels, tape, premium paper, card stock, magic stretch cord, double thick chip board, mod podge, construction paper

Other Information

I have done this project for the past 3 years with my students. They cherish this project and are so proud of their work. Many become inspired to write more books after this experience.

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