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In the 3rd grade culture and community is a big part of the curriculum. One of the first things that comes to mind dealing with culture is art. Throughout the unit on culture around the world, different art eras, artisits, and artwork is studied and displayed. Currency, clothing, monuments, and other representatives of cultures are created by the students. Students use art to deepen their understanding of different cultures and express their notions on culture.


Students will redesign, create, and mimic different cultural staples. Allowing students the opportunity to experience the different cultural aspects that they might not have the chance to actually come in contact with allows them to become more empathetic and open minded, which are both PYP attitudes that our magnet school promotes. Students will be able to express themselves with no limits and create things that represent new ideas and cultures.


Different fabrics, artworks, images, clothing, currencies, and touchable artifacts that represent different cultures around the world would be priceless. Allowing the students to not only see these different things, but to touch, feel, and experience them first hand wil leave a lasting impression, much like different cultures will. Dying fabric to match that of the aborigines, or to see prints that are on display at the Lourve would be incredible resources to expose the students to.

Other Information

Hayes Cooper is a magnet school that prides itself on exposing students to the outside world in a positive light and instilling respect for other cultures in them. Art is a core part of how we teach our students to express themselves. We are currently missing an Art program, so it is up to us as teachers to expose our students to as much as we can using the limited resources that we have.

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