Definitions and Drawing in an ABC Book


Every year with my students, we read a book called Touching Spirit Bear, although this could be done with any novel or story. As we read the story together, students make a list of the letters in the alphabet and they write down key words that start with that letter. At the end of the book, we make an ABC book, but instead of just giving a definition of that word, students illustrate what the word means and its significance to the story. We then bind the books together using a stick.


Students will review the vocabulary and main words from the novel by both writing sentences about the words in the ABC book but by also illustrating the definitions of the words. Thus, comprehension will be enhanced.


For this project, colored pencils, crayons, markers, paper, oaktag, and sticks are used. In addition, you will also need to have several copies of the novel you will be reading. This project could be enhanced in a digital camera and/or flip camera was used in the classroom because students could either take pictures of the definitions or video what the definition means and display their book digitally online.

Other Information

I feel strongly that each student learns differently. If I can reach a student by allowing them to demonstrate what they know by drawing it, then that student will have a firmer grasp on the topic at hand. At times, I have students act-out definitions, make up songs for learning new things, or work together in groups by talking and discovering new topics together.

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