We will use Social Studies and learn about the Egyptian culture. Students will learn about the form of communication in Egypt 3,000 years ago. We will compare text messaging and heiroglyphics. They will learn about a cartouche-an oval shaped magical rope that protects the person who\’s name is inside. Students will use colored foam paper to create their own cartouche and use heiroglyphics to spell out their name in the middle. Then they will use a sharpie to outline and add detail.


Students will compare text messaging and heiroglyphics. They will learn more about the Egytian culture and customs while creating artwork. Students will understand symbols and how they are used.


Promethean board will show a powerpoint and videos on Egypt. You will need colored foam paper, special foam glue, black and or silver sharpies for adding details, scissors to cut out shapes. You will need copies of Hieroglyphic alphabet for each students and a cartouche template to practice and cut out to trace on the foam paper.

Other Information

It\’s a great project for students to show what they know. If they are learning about Egypt in Social Studies class then they should be able to come to my classroom and teach the class about it, which is a higher level of learning. The kids really enjoy this lesson.

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