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My idea is to help lower functioning students a chance to learn using their artistic talents. Some the students have so many disabilities that hinder them from learning and even using their art skills on a higher level. This seems like a great chance to showcase my students talents without intrupting their education. Students love to creative but however, they need motiviation to get them started. My strategy is to use thier works a a model for them to gain a proper prospective in the art.


Students will learn how to use their creative talents by practicing basic artistic skills with limited regulations. They will be able to create art works that they can place on display here in the school display case. They really need a chance to show their works without any hinderance.


We need creative projects that can be displayed. We need variety of Art paper and paint to help the students become more artistically productive in the art world. They are looking for ways to show case their hidden gifts. We are taking the time to help the students work on their art projects without feeling that have to rush through their work. They have been waiting on a chance to develop their natrual artistic abilities.

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My class appreciate you taking the time to view their request for assistants. If we don\’t get the grant they know that I think enough of them to try to get extra resources. We are excited about the art contest. They are happy based on the fact that we have an entry. However, being picked will be an extra bonus.

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