Flip- Book Twist


Students in small groups will write a script about an event that takes place in a story they have read. They will then take a series of digital photos showing motions or actions that occur in the script. They will compile the pictures in order, flip-book style, to create a \”mini-movie\”. They will combine their individual flip books to create the script. The final series of books will be videoed to mimic an old movie. They will then share their flip-book scripts with a lower level class.


Students will learn to write a script relating to something they have previously read this year. They will experience working within a small group to develop an idea and create a plan. They will learn how picture movies began and experience the process of creating thier own flip-book movie. They will learn to present their projects to younger students and introduce them to a literary piece they may be reading the next year.


Materials: Digital cameras, paper, glue, video cameras. Videos: Old flip-book movies, 1920 movies or cartoons.

Other Information

Photography is a skill most elementary students do not get to experience in art. Students at this age understand how movies and cartoons are made today, but don\’t understand the beginning stages of photography and movies. Many students do not have access to a digital or video camara at home and this would give them the opportunity to learn how to use these camaras and introduce them to a new art technique. Combining photography with literacy teaches students that art can be used in class also

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