Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired lanterns


Lanterns with Wright inspired designs will be created from Balsa wood and rice paper. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright & his work will be presented to class. Students will draw plans for lanterns in realistic scale and transfer designs into a perspective drawing. Students will use balsa wood to build the design into 4 panels which will be joined and placed on a platform to create a lantern. Students will learn how to wire a lamp with lamp parts to create a working light source for their lantern.


Students will reinforce measuring skills which are weak at this level. They will have to figure out degrees of angles to get a perfect fit for their wood pieces. They will need to figure out how much wood of each size strip will be needed to complete their designs. They will have to problem solve construction issues. They will have review and apply prior knowledge of electricity and currents in order to make a complete circuit for their lamp to work. They will transfer a 2D design to 3D.


Rulers Protractors T squares Computer access for individual student research for designs Paper Balsa Wood Rice Paper Wood Glue Exacto Knives Replacement Blades Lamp parts, wire, plugs, sockets, switches Pine wood for base Drill Screwdriver Stain Frank Lloyd Wright Books and Power point presentation on Wright

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