From Transformation to Animation


Students rarely see the connection between classroom assignmets and real world application. The projects involves students making the connection between transformation and animation. Students will first draw an image on a grid then use translation, reflection, rotation and dialaion of the image to create movement after many small changes. I would like to acquire animation software to help students understand how this math concept translate to real world technology application and creation.


Students will learn to create animation using the coordinate plane and using the latest software. Student will understand that classroom assignment are building blocks to higher level thinking. They will learn to develop ideas and bring them to fruition.


Students will initially use dry-erase boards and markers to locate points and understand tranformation. Students will use paper and pencil to draw images and create flip books. Students will use computers and computer software to create animation. Teacher will use PowerPoint, SmartBoard and Smart Notebook software to model math skills.

Other Information

I have done the first part of this project for the last 2 years. Students are engaged and creative. Taking this project to the next level with animation software and publishing the projects will bring a new level of excitment to the this project for the students. It will also introduce to many student another avenue of creativity and success.

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