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Each week, I pick a different famous artist. I show different works by the artist on the Promethean board during morning meeting and share books about the artist during Reading centers. On Friday, we create a piece of art in the same style as our weekly artist. The artwork is collected, put into a portfolio, and sent home at the end of the unit. The students also create their own title for their work of art which is added to a label put on the back identifying the famous artist for that week.


The students will learn to identify works of famous artists, different types of art, and use different mediums to create original artwork. To incorporate language arts, they write about their favorite artists. To incorporate S.S. we find and discuss where each artist lived on a map. The students love to learn about the artists, different styles of art, and get excited when they can recognize a piece of art that is the same or similar in style. They love to come back and tell me all about it!


I use books and the internet to introduce each artist. Paint and paper are used for most projects, but I also try to include different mediums as well as recycled items for each artist. For example, when studying Picasso\’s cubism movement we will use old magazines and wall paper scraps to make collages. Old magazines will also be used when studying Dali\’s surrealist \”hand-painted dream photographs.\”

Other Information

This is my first year to include a full unit on artists. The students already enjoy learning about new artists and sharing their excitement with others. For some of my students this will be a continuation of a unit done in their first grade class. I am excited to expand and enrich their minds in the arts as well as create a passion for the arts. The flip camera would be an amazing tool for me to use the students art to create videos to share.

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