Harlem Renaissance and It\’s Legacy


The Art Department is working in conjunction with the Social Studies and the Language Arts Departments to do a unit on the Harlem Renaissance and the amazing legacy it left on the Humanities. We will study the Art, the writing, and the music of that time and the social, political and economic events that fostered the Harlem Renaissance movement. The students will create a mural, in one of the styles of the Renaissance Period, depicting the individuals and their contributions to this era.


They will learn the history that lead up to the Harlem Renaissance. The will study the musicians, performers, artists and writers of this time period. They will get to experience the art and the music and the writing in their core classes as well in their art classes. They will learn about the struggles and the triumphs that African Americans went through in this country to gain public acceptance and the lasting legacy that has been left behind.


Works of art from artists such as Augusta Savage, William Johnson, and Lois Maliou Jones. Writing from Zora Neal Hurston, Dottie West and Langston Hughes. The book \”Harlem Stomp\” by Laban Carrick Hill Video clips from PBS and the Library of Congress

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