Inferring Meaning Through Art

Description –

Teachers in core classrooms would use art prints to study geometric patterns in math and science classes; establish historical and political connections in social science and literature; and use art to inspire and foster writing and speaking skills based on analysis and critiquing skills. Using art prints in science, math, language arts, and social science classes would provide greater exposure and appreciation of great works as well as enhance cultural experiences.

Objective –

Students will learn to recognize different components of art, understanding that art involves all of the senses. They will enhance their literacy skills through reading about artists responsible for the art pieces and will learn to communicate their thoughts by writing their interpretation of the artwork.

Materials –

Prints of great works of art; technology.

Other Information –

Since state funding is becoming less reliable, our ability to secure new resources is increasingly limited. Any available funding is spent on immediate needs rather than supplemental materials that will enhance the learning experience. Receiving funding for enrichment purposes would bolster the spirits of staff and allow them to hone their own creative instructional techniques that provide challenging learning opportunities.

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