Intelligent Artistic Dinosaurs


Flood with research, journal record of new learning, sequence of events, learn about textures, and paint. Students will write two descriptive paragraphs, initial and final. They will notice how their descriptive writing changes from beginning to end. To be done with 4 classes of Second Graders. Their drawings become a template for wall mural on Second Floor of our school. The children will paint their dinosaurs and add textures. Final process is group discussion with critiques from peers.


Extensive types of measuring; study of dinosaur textures, how to use tactile texture to enhance; practice drawing large; double use of their drawing for a template; group discussion of new learning, record of their work in their journals; a new focus that is on dinosaurs only.


Heavy weight paper (12\”x18\”), recycled paper to make journals, research through web sources, books, pictures, articles; acrylic paint, brushes, team work with teachers and parents; drop cloth, paint brushes, markers and crayons.

Other Information

This is a new and very different opportunity for our Second Graders. Our team is working together, and we will continue to challenge ourselves so this becomes a memorable experience for the children.

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