Jensen\’s Geometric Patterns


In fourth grade, students focus on mathematics, measuring and geometry in their core curriculum. In this project, inspired by the artwork of Alfred Jensen ( in the local NYS museum) students will utilize these math skills as well as color theory and art history. Students will create a 12×12 \”tile\” inspired by radial symmetry and geometry. Using a ruler, colored pencils and their creativity students will create an abstract modern masterpiece!


Students will take a virtual tour of the NYS Museum\’s modern large scale artworks as well as an online tool for geometry and shapes. Students will learn how to use the ruler as a tool for measurement and as a tool for creating symmetry. Students will also be performint with the music teacher a song created by them about shapes, geometry and measuring. The finished student artwork will be projected behind the performance for the school.


We will be using a smart board to take a virtual tour of the museum, an online website to manipulate shapes into radial symmetrical patterns, rulers, colored pencils, paper and our creativity!

Other Information

This project is part of a larger songmaking and math collaboration. Our goal is to use Specials as a way to deepen the learning that happens in the core curriculum while providing an outlet for creativity.

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