Journey to the Caves of Lascaux


With my preschoolers, we watch a short video, read a book and look at visuals to learn about the Caves of Lascaux. Then, we board an imaginary train and journey to see the caves. I turn my classroom tables on their sides and cover the tops with brown packing paper. Then, we use Prehistoric sponges, paint and chalk to create our own cave paintings! It\’s a favorite lesson for the students and myself!


My students will learn about Prehistoric times, culture, and Art. They will also be able to experience what it was like to live in a cave and how to create Art using ancient tools.


I use video clips, books, and visuals to introduce the project, which I borrow from my local library.

Other Information

Even with Preschoolers, I feel that making connections between Art and Core Curriculum is incredibly important. I make an effort to teach those connections with ever lesson in my classroom.

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