Koi Fish Pinch Pots


I would like to teach the students about the symbolism of the koi fish in the Chinese and Japanese cultures. Students will be engaged in art history as well as learn the hand building technique of pinch pot with clay. Koi fish symbolizes wealth, good fortune and prosperity. Koi fish brings forth positive energy and I believe this project will help students see the significance in their every day lives as well as see the interconnectedness of cultures.


Students will learn about the Japanese and Chinese culture and the significance of the koi fish. Students will also learn about the science of the fish, and learn about the different parts of the fish (e.g., dorsal fin, etc). Additionally, students will be introduced to the hand building technique of pinch pot with clay.


The following materials will be used: clay clay tools an assortment of glazes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtPE-DzS2aY ceramic handout sheets

Other Information

I think it is imperative to expose students to various cultures around the world. By using the rich world of technology, students will be able to see with their own eyes the importance of koi fish and its symbolism. Furthermore, clay is very therapeutic and students of all levels can feel successful when using clay.

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