Layers of The Earth

Description –

3rd grade students create Grand Canyon paintings and write about the Grand Canyon. First I show images of the Grand Canyon to the students. Second, we look at soil samples taken from various areas on the school property. We discuss layers, types, and characteristics of the soil. We try to identify the types of soil on our school property. Next, we discuss depth, length, and width of the Grand Canyon. Students create a painting and write about the photo they chose.

Objective –

Types of soil at home vs Grand Canyon Characteristics of soil Measurement-Length, width and depth definitions and real life examples (local and Grand Canyon) Painting- tint and shade mixing, adding value and depth to create a realistic effect Writing component to enhance the painting and also for assessment

Materials –

computer and projector for viewing Grand Canyon images 9×12 paper,pencils, erasers tempera paints, mixing trays notebook paper cups or plates and spoons for soil collection

Other Information –

The grade level teachers tell me that they are always impressed at how much information students retain from the art lessons when they have discussions in the classroom about subjects that I integrate.

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