Life Sized Superheroes


Students develop their own superheroes. They start by laying down on a large piece of white drawing paper. The teacher then traces the contour outline of the student with a pencil. Their pose affects the pose of their superhero. Students design a version of themselves within the contour line figure. They may use whatever materials they like. During class time, students will also type their \”superhero statistic sheet\”. It will then be printed and displayed with their drawings.


-To express persona visually. -To turn a contour figure line drawing into a complex superhero. -To identify super human powers and their uses found in comic and cartoon characters and to create statistics for their superheroes. -To identify use of visual elements such as line, shape, and color. -To make connections with language arts and character development.


-Pencil, eraser, sharpener -One large piece of white drawing paper (student\’s torso must fit) -Markers/Sharpies -Crayons -Color pencils -Acrylic/watercolor paint -Computer/internet and Microsoft Word -\”Superhero statistic sheet\” (handout) -Images, books, magazines, internet references of assorted superheroes. -Crystal Productions Art Display Cards (contour, line, figure, etc).

Other Information

I would love to be able to submit images of student work as well. Please contact if interested.

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