Literacy Through Photography


Project: •Literacy Through Photography: The Self Portrait Project Essential Question: •How can the student photographer connect picture making with writing and critical thinking? The students will explore: What is a self-portrait Why visual artists create self portraits How the student photographer can connect picture making and writing What they want to say about themselves How can I create a voice for myself that reveals my identity through words and pictures?


The student will learn about Historical examples of self-portraits Different ways to describe themselves using things like acrostic poems, I am poems, personal essay and discreptive words How to describe themselves using photographs The photomontage which is a composite photograph made up of multiple pictures The collage process of assembling pictures Themselves by making a list of adjectives and words that describe them Format and layout as a means to assemble their self-portrait


Materials: Digital cameras to take images Magazines to cut out descriptive words Cardboard for mounting Resources: Template for an I am poem Examples of: I am poems Acrostic poems I am essays Images from exhibition Literacy Through Photography – Moore College of Art and Design Use of internet for: Historical examples of self-portraits Examples of typographical self-portraits Contemporary examples of self-portraits

Other Information

I have taught this lesson with success to my Manipulative Photography high school students and would like to if I receive a grant teach the concept to elementary students. As a result an exhbition of their work would be displayed during March which is Youth Art Month. This would be an excellent way to Inspire Young Artists through the use pictures and words

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