Literary Art Quilt


Using the book, SARAH, PLAIN AND TALL, Students will create an illustration of the setting, plot, and/or a character from the book on a 12\” x 12\” piece of white fabric. Each students will design their quilt square depicting a literary element of their choice using paints and/or felt. When each child has completed their quilt square, students will stitch quilt squares together to make a class quilt.


Students will learn that literary elements include setting, characters, and plot. Students will apply their knowledge of these skills by creating their quilt square. Students will have the opportunity to experience how to make a quilt and learn to make a simple stitch to sew together each section.


Materials that will be needed are a class set of 25 books for SARAH, PLAIN AND TALL. White fabric is needed to make the 12\” x 12\” quilt squares for 50 students (25 students in each class). Fabric paint, felt, paint brushes, and glue is needed to create the illustrations on the quilt squares. Needles and thread will be used to sew quilt squares together. To complete the quilt, batting and fabric for back will be needed.

Other Information

I would be making two of these, one for each 4th grade class that I teach. When project is completed, the class would auction the quilt off to raise money for the school

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