Living in China!


I would like to create a curriculum that is interdisciplinary with the 3rd grade History curriculum. I would like to create art projects that will enrich the third graders with knowledge of China and China art work. The goal is to enhance the vocabulary, understanding of symbolism and a culture that is very different from the one our children live in. I will work closely with the 3rd grade teachers and the reading teachers to help enhance the knowledge and creativity that China has to offer.


Hopefully the students will be experts in the knowledge of China. I want them to be able to learn about various art work, vocabulary and symbolism.


They will use watercolor, pen and ink, watercolor paper and various books on China. I would also like to get videos that will be able to give the students some history or background on China\’s culture and art work.

Other Information

China is one of the countries that NY State requires the students in 3rd to learn about. We also have literature that the students are required to have read in class. I believe my idea will help enrich our students with the Chinese culture.

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