Mad Hungry: Media Lit Project


After reading Chew On This by Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson, students will analyze and interpret commercial messages created by fast food restaurants and their effects on middle school students. Students will then create \”response\” videos and print ads to be displayed and viewed by staff and students at the school.


The goal of this project will be to improve media literacy and encourage healthy, informed choices. Students will have the opportunity to investigate the methods used by fast food restaurants to reach their chosen audience. They will also learn how to create their own commercials/print ads for an intendent audience.


Students will need a copy of the novel, access to the Internet, magazines, video equipment and art supplies. It would be beneficial to have a guest speaker in the commercial industry to guide student thinking as they research and create commercials and advertisements.

Other Information

I believe this project can change, not only the way teen-agers eat, but the way they make choices in everyday life. \”Mad Hungry\” will encourage students to question the messages provided by large corporations rather than just accept them.

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