Magical Realism in Art and Literature


Students explore the origins of Magical Realism in Art by learning about the history & conventions of Magical Realism (and how they have changed over time), examining, analyzing, and writing about a piece of Magical Realism Art from the 1920s to the present. They learn the conventions of Magical Realism in lit., and read and analyze several short stories. As a capstone project, students create a product (writing, art) that shows their understanding of Magical Realism in Art and/or Literature.


1. Students will learn conventions of Magical Realism in two disciplines. 2. Students will recognize writers and artists influence and are influenced by one another. 3. Students will recognize the fluid nature of art and literature, and will understand through their experience with Magical Realism as a genre that art and literature conventions shift over time. 4. Students will learn read multicultural texts and artworks.


1. Art supplies for the final product 2. Books of Magical Realism Short Stories 3. Video Camera to record student presentations of Final Product and explanation of how it exhibits conventions of art and/or literature. 4. Video camera for use by students if they choose to create a Magical Realism Video for their Final Product. 5. Powerpoint of Magical Realism Artwork

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