Master the Art of Reading


The Master the Art of Reading program will weave lessons about human dignity and kindness with civic responsibility and action through experiences with literature and art. Our project will teach students about compassion, abuse and survival through a community read. It will also provide art experiences through free art workshops that are open to all. Finally, students will produce an art calender with the proceeds going to local shelters and food kitchens.


Students will be reading about abuse and self expression, and then will have the opportunity to express themselves through their own clay creations and calendar drawings. They will learn that all of us – regardless of our backgrounds and poverty level – can make a difference and have the ability to help others through our own artwork.


Clay and glazes will be used for the clay workshops, with a kiln to fire the pieces (all free to students). Also, drawing materials will be used for the calendars that will be sold to provide art materials, books and funding for local shelters.

Other Information

Each day, hundreds of children suffer from hunger and abuse. Our students, through their experience with literature and art, will learn about the struggles of others. Furthermore, they will understand that they can do something to make a difference in the fight against abuse and hunger by using their own artwork to fund the fight and provide children in shelters with art materials, books and food.

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