Music and Motion


I would like to create and incorporate my own PowerPoint presentations into our Pre-K program. We use music and motion in conjunction with learning. Our music is mostly audio and no video. I would like to create videos to go along with the audio. I have done this with several songs and the children absolutely love it and look forward to the music. They are enjoying the music and learning at the same time. I use my own photography in my presentations. A camera would be a tremendous asset.


Students respond and associate music and learning together. It holds their attention and relieves restlessness from early childhood students. Paying more attention to a lesson results in more learning. Having fun while learning is a double bonus. The children can dance and move while watching a PowerPoint presentation of the ABC\’s. They learn more and don\’t realize that is what they are doing! It is a winning atmosphere for both student and teacher.


A camera or video camera to take photos and movies to incorporate into PowerPoint presentations. Having the latest version of PowerPoint on my computer would enable me to create more effective presentations in less amount of time.

Other Information

If I am granted the grant, I would like to use some of the money to purchase musical instruments for my class. They love music and making music aids them in learning. I would like to purchase a variety of instruments such as rhythm sticks, tambourines, triangles, maracas and finger cymbals.

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