Navajo Weaving


2nd Grade Students read \”Goat in the Rug\” telling a story about how sheep are sheared and the wool is used to make Navajo rugs. While students are reading this book in their classrooms, I would like to highlight the Navajo culture in the art room. I would bring in an actual Navajo rug that my grandmother got as a child living near the Navajo reservation. Students would create weavings in the art room using cardboard looms and yarn. Images of weavings and/or Navajo art would also be tied in.


Students will learn about the Navajo culture and all of the art created, such as sand paintings, along with weavings. Students will learn about the periods of Navajo weaving including the Classic and Transitional. Students will learn that reading, history, and art are not separate things in education, rather one ties in closely with the others. Students will create their own, one of a kind work of art while learning to appreciate art from another culture. They will also learn how fabric is made.


I could bring in a table loom to show them how one works. On the smart board I could show them videos of a Navajo woman weaving on an upright loom. Cardboard looms, warp threads, and yarns will be used to create the weavings. Posters and images of Navajo weavings and art would be shown. The book, \”Goat in the Rug\” would be shown in their classroom as well as the art room. Long plastic needles will be used as well, for the weavings.

Other Information

I look for opportunities wherever I can to integrate with other classes because it is how students will learn best. My classroom does not have a lot of art posters and I would love an opportunity to have a few more to enhance the learning experience. I have a personal relationship to this particular unit as my grandmother is from New Mexico and I was raised around so much of her art, sand paintings, wool rugs, and paintings from the reservation. I love teaching and learning about Navajo culture.

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