One point perspective. Organizing space.


One point perspective is how we draw three dimentional things on a flat paper and show depth. Draw a vanishing point and radiate lines to that point.A ruler is required. Create a series if buildings that all end up at the point. Roofs and sides, telephone poles and details are added. Vertical height is important. Learning outcome is to understand how to Create Perspective and depth on a flat sheet of paper. Principles of design include movement,rhythm,balance and proportion. Math is connected.


My students will learn to create a spacial drawing or painting that will show the viewer depth and perspective. The student learns to organize two dimensions and three dimensional media, The student uses elements of design and the principles of design (line,shape,form,color,balance,value) with sufficient manipulative skills, confidence m and sensitivity to communicate their ideas. Mathematics, science and art are combined to organize and illustrate, communicate the one point perspective theme.


Students will use 12 x 18 inch white vellum paper. Pencil, rules, markers, crayons. Project may be filled in with watercolor paints to add details such as the surrounding areas of trees, grasses, parks, sky, clouds and other details. Measurement may be made with protractors, compasses.

Other Information

Our students created a series of drawing that depicted our beautiful city with details of the buildings and neighborhoods and we displayed our framed work in the public library and had a neighborhood reception. I was confident that these students learned how to use math concepts combined with art concepts and now know how to create depth and three dimensional work on a flat surface.

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