Opening Pandora\’s Box


Students were immersed in Greek Mythology in their classrooms and we discussed how these stories continue to inspire artists today.We looked at the Pandora Suite by Vermont Printmaker Sabra Field and discussed that human nature still has positive and negative aspects.In many versions of the myth hope remains in the box to help humanity and students choose a word for their box representing what gets them through adversity.The clay boxes were decorated with designs inspired by Ancient Greek Art.


Students will connect this art experience with the History standards of connecting the past with the present and analyzing how and why cultures change over time. Student will learn the art technique of making a hard slab box and creating a scratched slip design. They will look at examples of Ancient Greek pottery and adapt their patterns and designs into a contemporary work of art. Students will gain an understanding that Artists use their art to search for meaning in the world.


Prints, books and online art history resources on Ancient Greek Art and Contemporary Art. Terra Cotta Clay and Clay tools Box templates Low-fire black underglaze

Other Information

Examples of student projects Sabra Field Pandora Suite

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