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Our 5th grade and 7th grade World Geography classes are combining to do a joint project. We are painting a world mural on a large wall in the upper hallway of our campus. Each student will be doing a research project about a certain part of the world, then be painting that portion of the mural. The mural will basically be a large scale map detailing the research they are doing.


This will be an on-going project throughout the year. They will use the gridded wall to plot and draw the exact location. They will add color and symbols to reflect information they have learned about their area. It will not only focus on location, but dig deep into the culture, language, and essence of that area. The mural reflects our part in a global community and the end result is a year\’s worth of in-depth study. Also planned is a \”world travel day\” where all will present their portions.


Teachers involved will be the Geography, Art, and Technology. We will also seek outside sources when necessary. We will need paint, brushes, smocks, cleaning agents, floor tarp, measuring tools, overhead or ELMO to do scaled grid, stencils; internet, books, and other resources for information that will be put on the mural. We also plan on recruiting a volunteer from the community to talk to them about the art of painting murals.

Other Information

We feel this project will help tie things together throughout the year and become a conversation piece for all that our students are learning. The more they talk about it and share with others, the more they are solidifying their learning. We also feel it will be a great visual aid for other classes such as our 6th grade History class, who does a special project focused on geneaology. If all goes successfully, we plan on continuing this project annually.

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