Panamanian Molas


With my fourth grade art students, I show a map of Panama and it\’s adjacent islands and a youtube video for Panama and Molas, a fabric based composition by the Kuna tribe. We review patterning and rythm as it pertains to math, music and art. The students then choose a rainforest animal or plant to build their Mola around using paper and crayola tropical markers. Assessment is based on their use of the cultural/traditional symbols shapes and rythm as well as neatness and creativity.


The art and culture of the Kuna tribe as well as the geographic location of Panama, rythm, repetition and patterning skills, rainforest flora and fauna as well as basic art skills and neatness.


Computer maps, an Epson projector, Youtube, white board, crayola markers and watercolor grade paper.

Other Information

I spent 20 years in the general ed classroom, K-2, as a second half to my career I am using my fine art certificate as the school art teacher to 618 students, Preschool-4th grade. I consistently use my knowledge of curriculum to integrate all subjects into my projects. It gives the students a more authentic learning experience and all students leave my room enriched, regardless of the level of their artistic ability.

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